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Antibacterial plastic parts

The new plastic is a patent-pending production process that produces injection-moulded components with antibacterial properties. The special feature of this new type of plastic is the lasting prevention of the formation of biofilm and the germination of surfaces. This quality feature is particularly suitable for use in humid environments or in water-bearing components such as coffee machines.

The effectiveness of this technology has been proven according to JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) Z 2801.

The antibacterial copper particles are integrated in the established manufacturing process. This avoids subsequent, more cost-intensive post-treatment of the plastic parts.

Stable reusable trays for painting fixtures and transport systems

Our patented system for the production of 1-component parts or as 2-C in hard-soft component combinations is a favourable alternative to the standard blister. They allow fully automated handling during the production, transport and finishing process. In addition to the tray, individual components can also be placed on strips by machine. They are assembled on the tray for further processing.

The materials used are particularly durable and resistant: polystyrene and ABS are suitable due to their high stability and impact resistance; if necessary, the use of recycled material is also conceivable. Depending on the end product that is assembled with the trays, ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge), non-ESD or conductive plastic can be processed.

The trays are recommended for machine use in the production chain as they allow very tight positional tolerances of the articles with high positioning accuracy.

The variety of possible uses is very large and variable. Depending on the article group and for better identification, the trays can be produced in different colours. For better recognition, even the implementation of ID chips is an optimal solution for tracking the production steps.

Breakthroughs for optimised processing in the production lines are definitely possible without additional costs. A further development of our tray is particularly suitable for the production of 2-component parts. The contact area of the end product can be sealed thanks to the soft components used. With the matching lid with recesses, only the uncovered areas are painted.

Day/Night design: refinement with function

When certain functions such as backlighting the surface of a panel are required, our know-how is used specifically to support the desired design. In the so-called day-night design, light is specifically made visible through particularly thin and transparent surface refinement. The transparent and translucent material is finished in the desired design using vapour deposition technology. Different colour nuances are possible. In contrast to the lasered version, the outer layer remains completely intact in day mode and thus has a particularly high-quality appearance.

Tag Nacht Design

Optical components: Directed light through precision

Transparent plastic components that transport light by reflection at the interface, so-called light guides, are often used in automotive interiors. Additional mirroring or calculated refractive gradients increase the effectiveness of the light guide. Particularly when transporting light, a flawless quality of the plastic part is absolutely essential. Our strengths also include the production of high-quality optical precision components made of PC, PMMA or ABS, such as light guides and diffusers. We manufacture sophisticated components by injection moulding and adapt them to the optical properties. The quality of the surface, whether structured or smooth, the exclusion of voids as well as transparency and colour stability are important properties that can only be guaranteed by optimal injection moulding processes.

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