Automation and plant engineering

A high degree of automation guarantees process-stable production and the highest quality

Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 are a reality for us: all our machines are networked. Thanks to machine data acquisition, MDA for short, information related to production is automatically recorded, stored and made available. In each process step, a direct status report is generated. This and other information obtained is the basis for production monitoring as well as for standardised planning and process optimisation.

At the same time, all processes during the production sequence are automated:

Components can be inserted directly at the injection moulding machine in a production cell by means of a 6-axis robot.

Removal at the end of the process can be fully automated.

Feder Sortierung Kompetenzen Lösungen | Kunststoff

Springs, for example, are transported by means of vibratory spiral conveyors and brought into the right direction. A 100 percent check of their assembly is carried out by camera inspection.

Qualitätssicherung Montage Kamera

The automatic positioning of plastic parts on specially developed painting fixtures is carried out by robots completely without manual intervention and without touching. The components thus remain free of grease and dust! They can be processed for transport and painting without repackaging. In addition, the non-contact handling results in less scrap and enables a higher output quantity. The fully automated production requires less manpower and thus saves costs.

Sorting plastic parts and packing them directly into bags can be done completely automatically.

Some finishing processes are also fully or partially automated. In our fully automatic or semi-automatic printing machines, the products are printed in up to five colours.

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