Goletz Team

Our complete team consists of competent specialists who work closely together.

Our experts in all areas of the company always work hand in hand and are a guarantee for competence and quality. Together, we are always on the lookout for optimisation and improvement: from the first consultation to the completion of the customer project, each of us uses his or her knowledge and skills to design the entire process to the complete satisfaction of our customers.


Since the spin-off of Goletz GmbH in 2021, Michael Vedder and Dr Rolf Danzebrink have been managing the business. Together they bring more than 30 years of experience in management positions in industry and know how to use their skills and technical understanding (materials expertise and chemistry, coupled with the processing and moulding of high-performance plastics) to motivate the whole team and bring them to the best result.


Michael Vedder, a trained plastics moulder and state-certified technician in mechanical engineering, has been associated with the site from the very beginning. His parents co-founded the company Walter Goletz GmbH. He is largely responsible for the areas of scheduling and production.

“Thinking outside the box with our staff and taking unconventional and surprising paths is what drives me.”

Dr Rolf Danzebrink, who holds a doctorate in chemistry, worked in various management positions in areas of innovation, product development and production after completing his studies. He specialises in the Six Sigma management system and process optimisation.

“Implementing what is technically feasible in clever processes is exactly what fascinates me about Goletz. Giving more than 100 percent with our employees is what drives me.”

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