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We assist your project from the initial idea to delivery

Our team of highly professional and experienced employees (engineers, technicians, project team, setters, finishers… ) supports our customers competently and individually throughout the entire duration of the project – from the initial idea to the finished product or to the final assembly of subassemblies – in order to find the best solution tailored to their needs.

Beratung Entwicklung Team
Goletz Beratung Projektierung

Based on our many years of experience, we help customers with the choice of materials as well as with functionality, design or finishing options in order to create the best end product for them. After a detailed feasibility analysis in the team (Team Feasibility Commitment), we create the appropriate offer transparently and in detail (Open Book Calculation).

With a methodical approach, paired with modern management tools and supported by software, the complete project, the process flow and the capacity and resource planning are organised and monitored. Continuous, structured project management for product and quality planning in all phases of the product development process is carried out according to common standards:

  • APQP
    (Advanded Product Quality Planning)
  • AIAG
    (Automotive Industry Action Group)
  • PEP
    (Product Development Process)
  • VDA process
    (Association of the Automotive Industry)
  • RGA
    (maturity assurance).
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